DRS 2006
The radio automation software
The DRS 2006 radio automation software is used by thousands of radio stations round the world. It is a difference you can hear and feel. Visit our DRS 2006 website and find out more.

DRS 2006
DRS 2006 Radio Streamer
Get your radio online today
The DRS 2006 Radio Streamer offers high quality streaming at the lowest prices for modern internet radio stations. Visit our DRS 2006 Radio Streamer website and start streaming today.

Radio Streamer
Custom Engineering Solutions
We also offer custom engineering and software solutions for clients ranging from small radio stations to big multinational media companies. Contact our Help Desk and find out more.

Help Desk
Welcome to DRS Systemtechnik
Broadcasting is our passion. We have three main projects we are working on, and all are about digital music and broadcasting technologies: The DRS 2006 radio automation software, the DRS 2006 Radio Streamer, and several custom engineering solutions for our clients. Here is a short overview of these projects. Of course you will find much more information on our product websites. Simply click on the buttons above.

DRS 2006® - The radio automation software
DRS 2006 is developed by radio people, for radio people, and is accepted world-wide as leading the way in radio automation software. Each year, approximately 2000 more radio stations join the revolution and take part in the constant improvement and optimization of our system with great enthusiasm.

Because DRS 2006 is so economical and has only a few hardware requirements, it has not only "taken the world by force" in the radio industry, but is also accepted by nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets, as the leader in innovation.

DRS 2006 is used in many of the worlds largest radio stations. Even smaller local radio stations, community radio, and university radio outfits, throughout the globe, choose DRS 2006 as their number one for radio automation. Additionally, the webcaster, makes full use of our software, to entertain the mass audience, streaming live across the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a PC, and a passion to entertain with the music you love..

DRS 2006 is designed to be simple as possible, to maximize its output, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of the big corporation. With groundbreaking technologies built into the heart to the system, there are no limits to the possibilities for creativity.  As a result, the education sector very strongly recommends DRS 2006. In the USA, resident radio schools teach DRS 2006 as the new radio automation standard.

Numerous magazines, TV shows, and clients around the world are celebrating our software as the new truly affordable radio automation software for anyone who enjoys music. Quite simply, this is pure power. If you haven't downloaded the demo, do it now, and get ready for pure enjoyment. Dip into a radio world, which sets new standards in broadcasting, and visit our official website at www.radioautomation.com or contact us via our Customer Help Desk.

DRS 2006® Radio Streamer
The DRS 2006 Radio Streamer is our second main project, directly influenced from the huge success of the DRS 2006 radio automation software. To make the DRS 2006 turnkey system complete, we also started to offer high quality streaming at the lowest prices for the modern internet radio station. Meanwhile our DRS 2006 Radio Streamer is one of the biggest streaming services around the world. We work together with several high quality providers, in many countries, to provide the best possible connection for our clients. Find out more about our DRS 2006 Radio Streamer at  www.radiostreamer.com or contact us via our Customer Help Desk.

Custom Engineering Solutions
We are also working on several custom engineering and software solutions. Occasionally our clients have special needs that other off-the-shelf solutions or products can't fulfil. If you have special engineering or software requirements for your multimedia or automation project, we will be able to help. Simply contact our Customer Help Desk for more information.